Lockdown Diary

Week 6 of Lockdown

Isn’t it strange how some days you can be completely ok and the next you feel like a stroppy teenager who has been grounded.

As we stepped into week 6 of lockdown, the weather changed outside and so did the mood in the house.

I was having a lot of over whelming emotion. I think I cried every day this week which is really not like me.

Everything I told myself in week 5 went flying out the window.

Oh, wait a minute, it’s the time of the month.

This plus lockdown does not go hand in hand for me, I don’t know about you?!

During the week my dad came round to drop a couple of bits off for the boys and it was the first time I felt my heart hurt with sadness. My husband had to peel my cheek off the window where I had been talking and sobbing to him.

Get a grip Laura

That same day we got an official email from our holiday provider to say we wouldn’t be going. I know we were expecting it, but to see it in black and white turned me into a blubbering wreck so I dived into a gaint bar of dairy milk with a glass of wine whilst looking at last years holiday pictures (did I mention it was the time of the month?)

A couple of days after and I was feeling more myself again. I had given myself a good shake and got back into the lockdown structure that I had strangly lost for a day or two.

We all have a wobble, right?

I always have to reflect on everything i’m feeling to get me through the harder days.

You know, have a word with yourself!

Look at the positives, embrace the good times and taking that little bit of ‘me time’ back a day.

So I got back to focusing on work, teaching Matthew his 30 minutes of school work a day, going out for our daily walks because believe me these boys get more and more hyper every day so a good run out on their scooters usually does the trick.

Then finally its Friday and we made it.

It looks like the sun is going to come out to play again as well, which is fantastic.

My husband has finished work for 20 days and I have another adult around the house I feel like we have some lovely family days ahead.

It’s Interview Time With One Of My Live With Laura Ladies

Lockdown is affecting us all, but it is also affecting us differently. I sat down (virtually) with one of my Live with Laura ladies Sarah to talk about her experience so far and how exercise is helping.

Tell me a little bit about your lockdown world.

So lockdown for me, has been a nice maternity leave extension. I was due to go back to work on 1st April after finishing my maternity leave, however I’ve been furloughed. At the end of March, my baby boy was just starting to crawl and developing even more of his crazy, whacky personality. It’s been amazing (also very tiring) being at home and seeing all his developments. I feel completely lucky that I’m able to stay at home and I’m so thankful for all the NHS and key workers who are doing a fantastic job keeping us all safe.

Who are you locked down with in your household?

I’m in lockdown with my hubby, my 9 month old son Finley and my 5 year old Beagle, Archie. Yes I’m outnumbered, but I absolutely love my boys.

Are you lockdown thriving or lockdown surviving?

LOVING LOCKDOWN. I am in lockdown with my 3 favourite boys. Yes it’d be lovely to be with my parents and sister, but this will do for now.

Describe your lockdown experience in three words.

Laughter. Walks. Baking.

Are you working from home or home schooling the children? If so how is it going for you?

I’m not working, but the hubby is, so there’s a few times throughout the day where Finley and I need to disappear whilst he is on conference calls.

What are your top tips to get through the not so good days?

Remind myself that this isn’t a permanent thing, and that I’m in a very lucky situation.
Have a bath. Once my hubby has finished work and I’m no longer solely in charge of Finley, I nip off to the bath, light nice smelling candles, make sure there’s plenty of bubble bath, grab a glass of wine, get the iPad on with something to watch, and just relax.

What are the things you do in lockdown to keep you happy and sane?

Dance around the kitchen. My favourite is dancing and singing at the top of my lungs to songs like Don’t cha, call on me, etc. whilst my hubby is working hard. He on the other-hand isn’t impressed.

How are you making Live with Laura work for you?

I love that I can do the workouts whenever I can fit them in. Sometimes it’s at 9.30am, other times it’s at 6.30pm. It just depends on how I’m feeling, but also when the baba is sleeping/with my hubby.
I also love the fact that I feel like I’m at a proper class. Sometimes I’m thankful that I’m not with other women with all the grunts, noises and facial expressions I make! Ha.

Your lockdown recommendations:

  • Netflix
  • Movie
  • Book
    So I’m sort of a strange person who doesn’t really like to sit and watch tv/read books that much. I’m either watching shows like Stella, or great British menu…

What are the first 3 things you are going to do when lockdown is lifted?

  1. To go for walks in the mountains/round lakes.
  2. Drop Finley off with my parents and get dressed up and have a date night with the hubby
  3. To see my girlies.

What 3 things will you miss about lockdown?

  1. It just being me and the boys.
  2. Going on long walks without a care in the world.
  3. Being a lockdown alcoholic (can I say that?!)

Behind the Scene’s of the Academy

Now I am teaching my classes from home, it’s a full on military procedure everytime I work. If you could only see what goes on behind the camera.

Well, I will give you a little idea.

I don’t have the biggest of living rooms. I never thought when I bought my house I would be teaching full on Burlexercise classes in my front window. But here I am.

All the furniture gets pushed to the opposite side of the room, tables are stacked on top of each other and I’ve got to remember not to leave a child burried under all the chaos.

But from the other side of the camera it seems I have a nice open space to workout.

Equipment wise, its just my phone and a ring light. They have become my new ‘best friend’s’.

I apologise every week to the neighbours, as if you know me I like my music in my sessions loud. But they have been great and even asked me to make them a Burlexercise playlist.

Those who are working out with me from home know I have an obsession with hitting my chandelier in every session. This has now become a running joke. I think I may need a new light when this is all over.

Last week I managed to shift my whole wooden floor doing mountain climbers. Fair to say the husband wasn’t impressed but we managed to pack it down, thank god.

I will laugh about all this one day.

I’m just praying I don’t drop or slip my kettlebell out my hand any time soon.

Have you had any accidents whilst working out from home? Drop me a post below and let’s share our stories.

How to start your day for success

Let’s be honest here, some days no matter what your good intentions are just go directly out the window and you end up on the sofa under your favourite blanket feeling sorry for yourself.

I have allowed myself, if needs be, to have 1 day where I throw myself a pity party, don’t get dressed and let all my emotions out (it feels good). After this day is over I don’t let myself get down and I try to focus on all the positives throughout all of this.

I always think if you start the day with a plan your going to feel better by the end.

I am a massive planner usually so when the lockdown started I was there writing out my weekly plans for myself and the kids. I soon realised it was too much so the planner went in the bin.

This is when I started planning day by day.

Obviously because of my Virtual Academy I know what work I need to do and when, which has helped me massively to stay focused and keep me busy. But I have found sitting down of a night time and planning the next day really helps clear your mind and it get’s you focused and prepared for the next day.

We really need to keep structure in our daily lives whether that be getting up at a certain time and making sure you get dressed, doing your workouts, planning your meals, planning your childrens school work and your own work if your working from home, making sure your going out for fresh air and keeping up with odd jobs around the house.

If you have this written down in front of you you’re more likely to stick with the plan just like sticking to your workout plan or your nutrition plan. It may take discipline but I can guarantee you at the end of the day you will feel like you have achieved everything you have set out to do for the day.

Do you have any tip for a successful start to the day? I would love to here them below

Lockdown Diary

So here we are in the middle of week 6 of lockdown.

I did start to blog about each week over on my Instagram page but as the weeks went on it was harder to come on camera and speak.

We are all feeling so many different emotions daily and its a roller-coaster ride every single day.

I find writing down my emotions, expressing the highs and the lows really helps with my mindset and makes me remember its not all bad. Believe me I have had so really crappy days but hasn’t everyone?

On the flip side I have had some very special moments with my children and husband that I hold onto every single day to get me through.

So I will tell you a little bit about week 5 for me and I will continue this week by week incase anyone else needs to hear it or you want to reach out.

Week 5 – Putting everything into perspective

Could the weather get any better? Its fantastic to get out in the garden with the kids. I’m not going to lie, home schooling can wait when the weather is so beautiful.

It was lovely to see my boys creating and playing together and having so much fun in the sun.

I am very lucky that they are the best of friends and get on so well. I got an overwhelming feeling of happiness and sadness whilst I sat and watched them.

If these 2 boys can adapt so well to everything that is going on then why can’t I?

So from last week I took a leaf out of my 5 and 3 year olds book and decided to just embrace the good, the bad and the ugly.

We are all together safe and well and we are doing this to make things better in the long run.

So a few months of lockdown is nothing compared to a safe, happy future with your loved ones is it?

How has your week been? I would love to hear from you below