Virtual Academy

Virtual Academy

The virtual Academy is the fitness hub of classes on-line, on demand at a click of a button.

Whether you are just starting out your fitness journey with me or you want to top up your weekly fitness sessions the Virtual Academy is the place to be.

What classes will I find online?

My sessions include

Kettlebell HIIT
Pryamid HIIT
Kettlercise Express
Bodyweight HIIT
Body Tone for Beginner’s
HIIT for Beginner’s
Band Burn
Abs & Booty Blast
Boxing HIIT
Boogie Bounce
Stretch It Off
Dance with Laura

As well as the Virtual Academy you will get to access the On-line Laura’s Ladies group on Facebook to catch up with one another, share your sweaty selfies, catch weekly recipes and nutrition advice and now and again I will be delivering new LIVE classes.

A Breakdown of what you get

  • Over 100 classes to choose from on demand to do at time of day
  • Laura’s Ladies Support group with recipes, nutritional information, Challenges and motivational guidance
  • AS ALWAYS my support and that of the online community inside the group
  • Free Trackers & Planners

The Virtual Academy is open

£19.99 per month

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