Whether you are looking for an aerobic workout to lose weight, or strength classes to tone up, I’ve got a class for you. My classes are suitable for all levels of fitness with higher and lower impact versions of exercises demonstrated throughout.

Best of all, my classes are fun! Because if exercise isn’t fun, it isn’t sustainable.

I can’t wait to see you in class!

Boogie Bounce

Boogie Bounce is performed on mini trampoline, with a safety T-tar handle, choreographed to an eclectic mix of tracks from across the decades. Taking 80% pressure off joints this is a really popular cardio class.

Dance with Laura

A fun dance cardio workout to chart topping hits. A great class to start with if you are new to fitness.


Using just 1 piece of equipment, this 50 minute class will transform your body shape, strip fat and tone your whole body.

Pilates Flow

This 45min class is designed to strengthen, tone, improve flexibility and well being in a workout that feels good for the body & soul.


A fun cardio and toning girly fitness class inspired by burlesque. Cardio dance, weight toning and mat based work.


The ultimate fitness journey. See your level of fitness improve each week with each bootcamp you attend. Strengthening you body and fitness, prepare to see results fast.


Piloxing consists of an infusion of Boxing and standing Pilates infused together making a fantastic core and cardio class.



This popular 45min sessions is broken up into 16 drills that include non contact boxing moves and mat based core work all performed to heart pumping music. It’s the perfect class to build strength with it’s powerful moves and to work on the core muscles. Low impacted on the joins it’s perfect for everyone.

Let’s chat about which class will best help you achieve your fitness goals

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