Nutrition With Laura

Nutrition with Laura is a 6 week meal plan programme. The programme is a personal tailored plan to suit your goal whether it is to lose body fat, build muscle, or just for a healthier diet.

I am a food lover myself and also as a busy working mum I know how important it is to make sure my weekly meals are quick, healthy & delicious for all the family to enjoy. There is nothing worse than getting recipes with foods that you have never heard of. That’s why my plans are so popular, realistic & sustainable.

The 6 week programme will guide you into a long term healthy lifestyle change – this is not a crash diet or a quick fix. If you really want change you have to be in it for the long run. What you eat is 70% of your physical results. Food is your fuel – think of your body like a car, if it hasn’t got the right fuel in or non at all, it’s not going to work properly! You can exercise all you want but if you are looking to change your body shape, look & feel your best then you need to be willing to change what happens in the kitchen by feeding your body the right stuff.

What does the programme involve?

  • A tailored nutrition plan to follow for 6 weeks – with your own personal calories and macros calculated based on you and your goal.
  • The Nutrition With Laura Recipe Book
  • 6 weeks FREE virtual workouts on demand with me
  • Weekly Trackers
  • Weekly Check-ins and 24 hour support from myself

The cost of the 6 week Programme is £80

This programme is not suitable for Vegans

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