Client Results

This is Andrea. She has been with me in the Virtual Academy for 20 weeks. Having only just met her face to face 5 weeks ago when she started some one to one sessions with me, she is looking incredible.
Combining her virtual classes, nutrition advice from myself, one to one sessions and a love for biking she has absolutely smashed it.
Andrea says…
‘I’m feeling so much better about the way I look and more importantly I feel incredible inside. I feel more positive, fit and healthy. I have lost over 24inches in total and I’m 2st down. I’m really looking forward to continuing my fitness journey.’

Katie mainly signed up to Nutrition with Laura to loose weight and feel better about herself.
She says…
‘I have really enjoyed the food plan.
Laura’s plan is the only plan I have ever stuck to. I’ve always found food plans really boring as a lot of mine have been chicken/rice/veg and just boring plain foods but Laura’s plan has a variety of recipes and snacks that I enjoy. It was so easy to follow and if there ever was anything I was stuck on I’d just message Laura and she helped straight away. I’ve lost a total of 1st 2lbs and 13inchs all round. I feel amazing and have so much more confidence in my own body’.


This is Victoria’s story…
I signed up for the 6 week Nutrition with Laura programme as I was at a loss of what to. I didn’t like how I looked and knew I had to either accept and go shopping for bigger clothes or make the decision to commit to a change.
I have adored the 6 week plan. The weekly food plans were brilliant: Laura really listened to my likes and dislikes. The meals were amazing -so tasty, family friendly and importantly for me they were quick to make. I could find the ingredients in my local shops and there was no real price difference to my normal shop. If I had any questions or needed a boost Laura was just a message away and she always replied very quickly.
In 6 weeks I have lost 1st 2lbs and 11 inches. I have been amazed at the results, I really didn’t think it was possible. I feel so much better about myself and I don’t want to hide away anymore in baggy dark clothes. My whole outlook has changed. Thank you Laura, you are amazing and the best thing about the lockdowns is finding you and being a member of your virtual academy.

Georgina initially came to me for a short term goal.

This is her story…

I signed up for Laura’s 6 week nutrion course as I had a wedding to attend and wanted to drop a dress size, but on the whole I think the experience has been for a complete lifestyle change.

The weekly food plan has been absolutely amazing, so easy to follow, the food is unreal! Because you’re eating a normal diet, there is minimal cravings for rubbish food! Laura’s cook book is just great, everything is so clear and easy to follow!
I have lost 6lbs, and dropped a dress size which was my first goal, absolutely chuffed.

I feel fantastic at the end of my 6 weeks. I don’t intend to stop here, I’m going to keep on going as my lifestyle, and my relationship with food has just improved so much. It’s gave me a love for food, nutrition and exercise and the knowledge to maintain this life.

Wendy has been a pleasure to work so closely with even tho she sprung on me a weeks holiday and a few social events . But, it just shows that you have to stop waiting for the right time to start because its never going to be ‘the right time’. If you want it, just go for it, enjoy the process and embrace the journey.
This is what Wendy had to say…
I signed up to laura plan as I was so fed up of getting no where and needed to get some weight off. The food and plans have been brilliant, so easy to follow and all the food has been beautiful, I have really enjoyed it. Can’t say there is anything it is lacking at all as this is a lifestyle and you can eat all foods you enjoy in moderation. So I’ve lost 7lb and 11inch over all but will be carrying on the plan until I am where I want to be, slow and steady wins the race. I feel a hell of alot better and a hell of alot fitter and stronger and I can’t thank Laura enough, her support is there 24/7 and I couldn’t of got this far with out her help.
Shaunna has done incredible on the plan despite having family holidays her big 30th birthday celebrations she has managed to smash the first part of her journey losing 1st6lbs and 12inchs in total.
Shaunna says…
I signed up to the nutrition course as I wanted to make a lifestyle change with guidance and to lose weight and inches and improve overall health and feel positive about my body. All the recipes and the plan were easy to follow.
Coming to the end of my 6 weeks I feel more energised and determined to carry on with the advice.

This ladies work/life is a very busy one so she was struggling fueling her body correctly. She’s also taking part in the GNR this year and is training on top of everything else going on.

Here’s what Vikki had to say…

I signed up for Nutrition with Laura because I have seen real results from others from working with her! I love her optimism and passion.

Food has been easy! Some meals at night have no been successful as I have not made time for them properly but that my fault! Everything else has been great! I intend to continue the weekly plans as much as possible. I can’t calorie count so having Laura sort it all out made it easy for me to follow.

In total I’ve lost 14inch and 13.5lbs

I feel amazing, running is so much easier although I need to do more of it! But my knees aren’t sore anymore! My clothes are all baggy too. So looking forward to continuing this plan.


This amazing mum came to me 6 weeks ago at the start of the summer holidays.

She has absolutely smashed her plan. 1 stone down & 15inchs lost.
Today I asked her a few questions about her 6 week journey with me

Why did you sign up to the Nutrition With Laura 6 week programme?

I needed a healthy relationship with food and learn what was best to keep my body feeling full. I also wanted to get back to the weight I was 2 year ago when I got married.

How have you found the weekly food plans given?

I have been extremely impressed with the food plan, I felt so much more organised.

Was it easy to follow?

I was actually shocked at how easy it was to follow as well as the recipes, food was so simple to make but the flavour of them all was incredible

Is there anything you feel the plan is lacking?

I can hand on heart say I don’t think it lacks anything, it has been amazing working with Laura.

What is your 6 week end results?

6 weeks from starting I am 1st lighter and lost 15inches in total, I’m excited to carry on my journey with confidence.

How are you feeling after you 6 weeks on the plan?

I’m feeling confident and happy with my progress and my relationship with food is so much healthy.

Nutrition With Laura

Charlotte’s incredible 12 week journey

My sister did the 6 week plan before me and I was really impressed with how well she did and all the positive things she had to say, the food always looked amazing and I was really impressed to see that even my nieces were enjoying it!

Once hitting the mid 20s I found that I was struggling with my weight and yo-yo’ing and then I got diagnosed with my fibromyalgia and I found a mixture of laziness and lack of portion control just made everything go wrong and the weight increase.

I’ve tried many diet plans and while lose the weight struggled to keep it off once coming off plan and I needed to completely revamp my mentality and way of life.

Ive loved the food plans though as time has gone on have found at times I was full without finishing it all which was great, before this I used to always overdo my portion size with the logic ‘I’d rather people were full and left food than finish and still be hungry’ I’ve realised how detrimental this was after being on this plan.

My partner is a fussy eater and he has thoroughly enjoyed the food I’ve been making and has a number of dishes that are ‘favourites’ and that he requests.
found the plan very easy to follow. I work 5 days a week 8-4 and also I’m out on Tuesday nights straight from work to put my youngest niece to bed and yet this plan enabled me to batch cook and stick to it around busy days.

At the end of my 12 weeks I have lost 18lbs & 12 inches

I feel incredible, happier & healthier. My mind set on food choices have changed, I now attend regular classes at the Academy as well as on-line and I feel confident it continuing the next part of my journey.

Nutrition With Laura

This lady wanted to get as close to her goal as she could. After the 6 weeks she smashed her goal, and more.

Here is what Lucy had to say…

I started the 6 week nutrition plan as I had a wedding coming up and wanted to look and feel better in my dress. I Had fallen out with myself over the past few months and none of clothes fit me anymore! I had started going to Laura’s classes and really enjoyed them and then noticed she offered the nutrition plan.
I really enjoyed all the food on the plans, hubby did aswell.
It was very easy to follow and even easier to stick to. I didn’t feel restricted at all.

In total I’ve lost 7.5 inches and 1 stone 1.75 pounds over the 6 weeks.
I feel 200% better. I sleep better, am fitter and stronger and fit back into my clothes.
Laura was SO supportive and so encouraging over the whole time and didn’t seem to mind the numerous daily whats apps from me.
Thanks a million- would deffo reccommend to anyone wanting a kickstart.

My final Nutrition with Laura clients of 2021 have now finished there 6 week journey with me. Yes I know its so close to Christmas but that wasn’t stopping them 🥳

Nutrition With Laura

Anne Marie’s incredible 6 week journey…

I decided to join Nutrition with Laura whilst on holiday in Lanzarote in October after seeing some of Laura’s Facebook posts. I had decided before we went away that I was going to wear a bikini on holiday for the first time in 10 years, since I had my eldest. I did but didn’t feel comfortable really and felt ‘bigger’ than I ever have at 13st.

I can honestly say it has been one of the best decisions I have made. The meals are lovely and so easy to make and family friendly too – even the dog who stole one of my prepped Cottage Pies would agree!

I had always made mistakes when trying to cut back and lose weight in the past by skipping out meals completely – always missing breakfast and then ending up hungry in the evenings and eating biscuits with cups of tea. At the beginning of the plan I felt I was eating more than ever and couldn’t understand how I would lose any weight.

I have enjoyed the exercise routines that come with the plan and have started to get back out to the community classes when I can around running two boys to clubs etc.

I have lost a grand total of
11.5 inches

My journey won’t end here – here’s to a happier, fitter and healthier me!