In Person

Do you have a specific fitness goal in mind? A special occasion or milestone birthday coming up?

For those of you looking to achieve amazing results in a short space of time – and for those of you who want a kick-start towards your fitness goals, look no further than Laura’s Academy In Person programmes.


Exercise & nutrition plans tailor made for you, your current fitness levels, and your end goal.


6 30 minute sessions in the comfort of your own home, with all equipment provided.


Your six-week tailor made programme will help you see results, fast.

What’s included

  • Six week programme
  • Tailor-made fitness plan
  • Tailor- made nutrition Plan
  • Recipe book
  • All exercise equipment
  • Weekly tracking
  • Whole body workouts
  • Problem areas targeted
  • Accountability check-ins

Six week tailor-made programme £160

In Person programmes are limited. To schedule your programme, click the link below.