How to start your day for success

Let’s be honest here, some days no matter what your good intentions are just go directly out the window and you end up on the sofa under your favourite blanket feeling sorry for yourself.

I have allowed myself, if needs be, to have 1 day where I throw myself a pity party, don’t get dressed and let all my emotions out (it feels good). After this day is over I don’t let myself get down and I try to focus on all the positives throughout all of this.

I always think if you start the day with a plan your going to feel better by the end.

I am a massive planner usually so when the lockdown started I was there writing out my weekly plans for myself and the kids. I soon realised it was too much so the planner went in the bin.

This is when I started planning day by day.

Obviously because of my Virtual Academy I know what work I need to do and when, which has helped me massively to stay focused and keep me busy. But I have found sitting down of a night time and planning the next day really helps clear your mind and it get’s you focused and prepared for the next day.

We really need to keep structure in our daily lives whether that be getting up at a certain time and making sure you get dressed, doing your workouts, planning your meals, planning your childrens school work and your own work if your working from home, making sure your going out for fresh air and keeping up with odd jobs around the house.

If you have this written down in front of you you’re more likely to stick with the plan just like sticking to your workout plan or your nutrition plan. It may take discipline but I can guarantee you at the end of the day you will feel like you have achieved everything you have set out to do for the day.

Do you have any tip for a successful start to the day? I would love to here them below

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