Lockdown Diary

Week 6 of Lockdown

Isn’t it strange how some days you can be completely ok and the next you feel like a stroppy teenager who has been grounded.

As we stepped into week 6 of lockdown, the weather changed outside and so did the mood in the house.

I was having a lot of over whelming emotion. I think I cried every day this week which is really not like me.

Everything I told myself in week 5 went flying out the window.

Oh, wait a minute, it’s the time of the month.

This plus lockdown does not go hand in hand for me, I don’t know about you?!

During the week my dad came round to drop a couple of bits off for the boys and it was the first time I felt my heart hurt with sadness. My husband had to peel my cheek off the window where I had been talking and sobbing to him.

Get a grip Laura

That same day we got an official email from our holiday provider to say we wouldn’t be going. I know we were expecting it, but to see it in black and white turned me into a blubbering wreck so I dived into a gaint bar of dairy milk with a glass of wine whilst looking at last years holiday pictures (did I mention it was the time of the month?)

A couple of days after and I was feeling more myself again. I had given myself a good shake and got back into the lockdown structure that I had strangly lost for a day or two.

We all have a wobble, right?

I always have to reflect on everything i’m feeling to get me through the harder days.

You know, have a word with yourself!

Look at the positives, embrace the good times and taking that little bit of ‘me time’ back a day.

So I got back to focusing on work, teaching Matthew his 30 minutes of school work a day, going out for our daily walks because believe me these boys get more and more hyper every day so a good run out on their scooters usually does the trick.

Then finally its Friday and we made it.

It looks like the sun is going to come out to play again as well, which is fantastic.

My husband has finished work for 20 days and I have another adult around the house I feel like we have some lovely family days ahead.

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