Behind the Scene’s of the Academy

Now I am teaching my classes from home, it’s a full on military procedure everytime I work. If you could only see what goes on behind the camera.

Well, I will give you a little idea.

I don’t have the biggest of living rooms. I never thought when I bought my house I would be teaching full on Burlexercise classes in my front window. But here I am.

All the furniture gets pushed to the opposite side of the room, tables are stacked on top of each other and I’ve got to remember not to leave a child burried under all the chaos.

But from the other side of the camera it seems I have a nice open space to workout.

Equipment wise, its just my phone and a ring light. They have become my new ‘best friend’s’.

I apologise every week to the neighbours, as if you know me I like my music in my sessions loud. But they have been great and even asked me to make them a Burlexercise playlist.

Those who are working out with me from home know I have an obsession with hitting my chandelier in every session. This has now become a running joke. I think I may need a new light when this is all over.

Last week I managed to shift my whole wooden floor doing mountain climbers. Fair to say the husband wasn’t impressed but we managed to pack it down, thank god.

I will laugh about all this one day.

I’m just praying I don’t drop or slip my kettlebell out my hand any time soon.

Have you had any accidents whilst working out from home? Drop me a post below and let’s share our stories.

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