It’s Interview Time With The Live With Laura Ladies

Who are you locked down with in your household?

My husband Matty, 9 year old daughter Maddy and 3 dogs. Lucky that we have bubbled with my mam so she comes to stay every weekend.

How is this lockdown going compared to the last one’s?

This one seems to be tougher. Think it’s the bad weather plus so many things already cancelled for this year.

Describe your lockdown experience in three words

Challenging, enrichment, emotional

If you are doing either or both how are you finding home schooling/ working from home this time round?

Can’t work due to lockdown regulations. Matty working full time. I’m doing all the home schooling with Maddy. School have been much better organised this time do that has helped.

What are your top tips to get through the not so good days?

Smile, take a deep breath and carry on. No point stressing over things we can’t control. Take some time out for yourself if you can, read a book, relaxing bath, walk/run on your own.

If you have some time out for yourself how do you spend it?

I love to go and train my dogs. I’m lucky that I have my own arena where I can train.

How do you keep motivated with your exercise routine at home?

As soon as the timetable is released I add the classes I intend to do on my weekly planner on my fridge. I try to do 2 classes a day while Maddy does some independent work.

What have you learnt about yourself during this lockdown?

That I need to plan. Also I can easily lose motivation.

Could you share 3 top tips for getting through each week?

Plan – every Sunday I plan the weeks meals, exercise, home schooling and dog training.
Motivation – if you sort of do something it sort of works. Find something you want to achieve for you.
Organise – set up home schooling area and check all resources (pens, paper) etc. Sort independent tasks so I can exercise.

What are the first 3 things you are going to do when lockdown is lifted?

Coffee with friends. Haircut and dye. Dog training classes.

What 3 things will you miss about lockdown?

Family time. My new routine without the school run. No time pressures doing things when I want or can fit them in.

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