Lockdown Diary

Week 14

This week I have mixed emotions about the annoucment of things moving forward.

I understand everyone will have their own opinions on the situation but for me and my Academy I’m gutted to say the least.

I will never ever take what I have for granted again. That’s the biggest thing I’ve learnt throughout all this.

Its been a quiet week in the Mckenzie household. Matthew is fully settled at school and absolutely loving it. I’m so happy for him and glad we made the right decision.

I’m spending my days with my youngest son Daniel, teaching classes in my virtual academy and going out to a few of my clients for personal session’s (I love these days).

I’m continuing to focus on my virtual academy and bringing more material to my wonderful ladies (they have been my rock throughout all this).

I’ve been struggling with weight gain personally myself over lockdown (who hasn’t) so I feel like now is the time to get back in the zone and focus on looking and feeling better than I do. Its taken 13 weeks to get my head together but I feel now is the time to focus on myself.

These past 3 months have been mental, and now we have to adapt to the new normal so it’s just a case of doing what you feel comfortable for yourself.

Its going to take time. Don’t pressure yourself into anything.

How are you feeling about the lock down being relaxed?

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