Lockdown Diary

Week 13

I could say I can see a bit of normality happening? Or the new normal at least.

My eldest boy Matthew started school this week. My god, the first day back was the longest day ever.

I was so scared incase he didn’t like the new way of things (he usually loves school so I didn’t want the old memories fading). Plus the house was so quiet without him and I really missed him being at home.

It was lovely to get some one on one time with my youngest tho, just like we used to before lockdown. All this time is so precious so I’m holding on to every single bit.

The first day of school was a success. Matthew came out of school with a massive smile on his face and with a folder full of work which he was eager to show me.


I have the biggest respect to all the teachers out there. It’s been a hard 3 months of trying to teach him and keep up with the daily curriculum.

I swear he acts up because it’s me.

As Matthew was back at school I made the decision to re start my one to one client training this week.

It was a tonic to be honest.

It was so lovely to see my amazing ladies again and get some sessions in. Luckily the weather was lovely as well, so the sessions were quite enjoyable outside.

Have any of your children gone back to school this week? Or have you gone back to work? How are you finding it? I would love to know

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