Lockdown Diary

Week 9

Well, not alot has gone down this week if I’m totally honest.

Does anyone feel like all this is just becoming a little bit normal now?

We have enjoyed a few days out walking down by the coast (I love these days).

Days consist of me working in the mornings, then doing a little school work with Matthew, out for a walk after lunch and letting the boys run off some stream then I’m back to work late afternoon.

We’ve just got into this little routine and it works. Everyone’s happy and we just take it day by day.

I do worry what it will be like when things go back to normal. When life gets busy again, will we all miss this time we’ve had?

I did have a lovely social distancing catch up with my mum and dad during the week.

As things ease off and little glimmers of hope keep appearing, it feels good to know that maybe one day we can slowly start to socialise a tiny weeny bit

I miss cuddles

How are you feeling coming out of lockdown? I would love to hear from you

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