Lockdown Diary

Week 8

So with the announcement on Sunday night I found everyone slightly deflated, frustrated and worried including myself.

I’m not going to go into my thoughts and opinions on everything because it’s each to their own but, I decided to take myself off social media for a little while as I felt I was drowning in the noise of others and I knew it wasn’t a good feeling to have.

So after a wonderful wine club to lift the spirits up with my ‘Live with Laura ladies’ I wanted to focus on the positives and digest some of the things we are now aloud to do.

Ive really missed taking the boys out to the beach and breathing in the sea air. Every day this week we have been to the coast. It really is such a beautiful place that we live in but i’ve always been a seaside kind of girl as opposed to mountain type (must be the Blackpool blood in me).

It has helped so much with clearing my mind, enjoying watching the boys run free in the wide open spaces and just being grateful of the small things in life.

I feel like I have wrapped myself up in a little bubble this week (something I do a lot and know I shouldn’t). I just needed some space, these days things quickly get very clostrophobic so some down time has helped me.

I do have an over whelming sense of sadness that my husband goes back to work next week (it helps so much when he’s around). So we are enjoying every day as much as we can until it’s back to me and the boys.

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