Live with Laura Q&A

I have been getting alot of questions over the past couple of days about my virtual classes and the Live with Laura group.

I have put together some frequently asked questions and hopefully answered them all here for you.

If you have anymore questions you would like answered, please drop me an email or a message and I will be happy to answer them.

What classes do you run in the Live with Laura group?
Dance with Laura
Bodyweight HIIT
Kettlebell HIIT
Stretch It Off
Strength & Conditioning
Band Burn

What else does the group entail?
As well as all the weekly classes, the Live with Laura group is a fantastic community of ladies that support one another throughout lockdown. We share tips and ideas for life in lockdown. We share the good and the bad days. We also have weekly challenges, live ‘cuppa and catch ups’ and have a laugh on a Sunday night with our weekly ‘wine club’.

Do I have to do the sessions at the times that they are aired?
Not at all, all classes stay on the page so you can do them at a time that suits you

I haven’t done any exercise during lockdown but really want to start. Are the classes suitable for beginners?
The beauty of the group is that I have a range of classes suitable for everyone. Some are easier than others but the group is fantastic as you can move into different sessions as your fitness grows. I always explain the different exercises and give different intensity levels for them.

Am I tied into the group once I sign up?
Not at all. For a 4 week access it is a one of payment of £20. If after the 4 weeks you decide you don’t want to continue with me, that’s absolutely fine.

Do I need equipment?
Some of my classes I do use basic weights like a kettlebell and dumbbells but these aren’t for all the sessions in the group. Alot of the ladies just grab a couple of cans of beans and they are good to go. There are plenty of other weekly classes where no equipment is needed

How do I sign up?
Just drop me an email or a DM on facebook and I will get you signed up and into the group ready to go.

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