Lockdown Diary

Week 7

Brace yourselves…

So when I last left you I was looking forward to some family time at home with the boys and my husband but on Saturday night Gary got called into work and by Sunday morning he had been sent home with a very high fever and flu like symptoms.

As you could expect it was a very worrying time and I can’t explain how helpless, scared and frustrated I felt.

Obviously he had to isolate in the bedroom and I couldn’t go in to check if he was ok or comfort him. I had to leave food, water and paracetamol outside the door and my youngest son was so upset that he couldn’t see daddy which ripped me apart.

After 48 hours his fever had dropped and he could finally get out of bed and go get tested for Covid19

It took 2 long days to get the results. He still had to isolate as we didn’t know what the result would be so it was a case of trying to carry on without him.

Thursday morning the test results came in and they were NEGATIVE

We have never been so relieved and we are truly so lucky.

This week has really brought home how serious this all is and how we need to keep as safe as possible because without our health, what have we got?

Treasure everything you’ve got, every single day.

My family and friends have been my rock throughout all this but I would like to personally thank all my Live With Laura ladies. What an amazing bunch of ladies these are.

They literally picked me up when I needed it and made sure me and the boys were ok every single day. I am truly blessed to have these women in my life.

We got to celebrate VE day as a family of 4 and it was just perfect. We finally got some family time celebrating a very special landmark day.

One things for sure, we will never forget it.

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