How Are You Today?

It’s World Mental Health Week. Something I could let pass at the Academy 🌍💛

Many of us have suffered or will of struggled with our mental wellbeing at some point in our lives. Possibly more resent with the pandemic, the stress and stain of trying to get your life back to some kind of normal is all additional pressure on yourself.

I remember coming out of the first lockdown and I didn’t realise how much my mental health had suffered until I was thrown into trying to get back the new ‘normal’.

The NHS reccomend 5 ways to improve our mental health, here’s they are with a sprinkle of Laura love ❤

It’s so tempting to bottle everything up and keep quiet (I’m a bugger for this). You feel nobody wants to hear how down or anxious you are, right? WRONG, the people in your life want to love and care for you, just like you love and care for them, and the last thing they want is for you to suffer in silence. Talking about how you feel, asking for help and letting people be by your side will help you through the ‘not so good days’.

When we are not feeling great the last thing we want to do is exercise. Sometimes we really have to push ourselves to ‘get that workout done’. But remember that feeling after a finish workout, incredible right? That’s because your body releases endorphines (happy hormones). Guaranteed to lift your mood and clear your mind. If a workout or a gym session feels too much then grab the kids or your headphones, meet up with a friend or go solo – but enjoy the benefits of a nice long walk in the freshair. Nature really is amazing.

You might of done this during lockdown but now life have got a little bit more busier you might feel like you don’t have time.
What I do is set myself 1 new thing I can do per month. It might be making a new dish in the kitchen, baking or perfecting a type of exercise move. Give it a try and set yourself a little monthly challenge, something that is going to benefit your wellbeing and motivate you throughout the month.

This is something at the Academy I am super proud of. I have never had such an amazing community of kind, caring ladies around me. Everyone looks after one another here (they even pick me up when I’m having a mare). I’ve seen some pretty incredible things at my classes. From ladies coming to class full of anxiety and worry who then leave with confidence and that ‘I’ve just done it’ accomplishment. That smile across the class, the little chit chat at the start of class, that reassurance you give someone, all these tiny things can help that one person and make their day. Keep being kind, keep being caring. Because 9 times out of 10 the person your stood next to in class is dealing with they own personal battles.

Sometimes if we look too far ahead it can become overwhelming and may stop us doing our day to day activities. Take each day on step at a time (baby step are much more achievable long term). Listen to your body, take care of what your mind is saying. Repeat step 1 and take your time.

The Academy is always here for all you lovely ladies, the good and the bad days. Let’s keep lifting each other up physically and mentally. And my door/inbox/and phone are always open to all of you.

Laura xx

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