It’s Interview Time With One Of My Live With Laura Ladies

Lockdown is affecting us all, but it also affecting us differently. I sat down (virtually) with one of my Live with Laura ladies Rachel to talk about her experience so far and how exercise is helping.

Who are you locked down with in your household?


Are you lockdown thriving or lockdown surviving?


Describe your lockdown experience in three words.

Marriage, relaxing, healing

Are you working from home or home schooling the children? If so how is it going for you?


What are your top tips to get through the not so good days?

Napping, watching something, chocolate and knowing that tomorrow is a new day.

What are the things you do in lockdown to keep you happy and sane?

Playing animal crossing on the switch, Live with Laura, listening to music, watching boxsets and snuggling with the other half.

How are you making Live with Laura work for you?

I can do it any time, currently aiming to do 3 a day, one before each meal. I live in a 1 bed flat and still have space to do a workout. You can adapt the workouts to your fitness level and the space you have available.

Your lockdown recommendations:

  1. Netflix (iPlayer and amazon): spooks and killing eve on iPlayer and bones on amazon prime – loving all the boxsets and being able to re-watch things
  2. Movie – The hobbit trilogy and harry potter
  3. Book – The This man series by Jodie Ellen Malpas

What are the first 3 things you are going to do when lockdown is lifted?

  1. GET MY DRESS AND GET LEGALLY MARRIED! Get a dog and have the nephew for a sleepover

What 3 things will you miss about lockdown?

  1. Spending quality uninterrupted time with the other half, no alarms and the use of my neighbours courtyard as she is not there at the moment.

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