It’s Interview Time With One Of My Live With Laura Ladies

Lockdown is affecting us all, but it also affecting us differently. I sat down (virtually) with one of my Live with Laura ladies Katy to talk about her experience so far and how exercise is helping.

Tell me a little bit about your lockdown world.

Who are you locked down with in your household?

Rory 4
Teddy 10 months
Husband has been working from home but also going to sites and started back at site on Monday the 4th of may.

Are you lockdown thriving or lockdown surviving?

I would say it’s been a bit of both depending on the week.
In the beginning I felt I was thriving just enjoying being healthy at home and exercising lots.
Enjoying being with kids.
But I struggle with my youngest as he doesn’t sleep through the night yet. So a lot of the days I feel like I’ve never had a break from him. Some days I haven’t been making an effort and lost myself for I felt I was just surviving for the boys. And most days my eldest has had to just sit and watch telly. So the last few weeks I feel I’ve been just surviving.

Describe your lockdown experience in three words.

Lonely, frustrating but rewarding

Are you working from home or home schooling the children? If so how is it going for you?

Just looking after my two boys. I try to do fifteen minutes a day with Rory just learning numbers or letters but it doesn’t always happen.
Trying to work from home in a new way of makeup videos on my Business page. I love doing these also as it means some time away from the boys, it’s the only time I get at the minute.

What are your top tips to get through the not so good days?

I’ve had lots of these day, so I found the day that I didn’t let it take over. What I did was admit to someone how I was feeling, I hate being a nuisance but through this everyone understands.
Have a shower and pretend the water is washing away all your bad feelings.
Exercise and get the happy endorphins going.
Get some dancing music on and loud.

What are the things you do in lockdown to keep you happy and sane?

Video calling people and quizzes
Drinking wine

How are you making Live with Laura work for you?

It’s been a necessity for me, somewhere I can log into every day and escape.
Do the exercise live or recorded, chat with all the amazing women.
Do the challenges and my favourite wine club.
It’s been the constant through all this for me and I wouldn’t have got through this without it.

Your lockdown recommendations:

•Dumplin, Tiger King, RuPauls Drag Race, Gavin and Stacey and Yummy Mummies.

•Harry Potter all of them, Just Go With It, Mean Girls and Burlesque

•Anything Lesley Pearse, Happy by Fearne Cotton and Destination Love by Jo Watson

What are the first 3 things you are going to do when lockdown is lifted?

Go and see all my family and favourites, drop my kids off with my mam and find the nearest party 😂

What 3 things will you miss about lockdown?

  • no pressure of being busy, I do love to be busy and it stops me from overthinking but through this I’ve had to stop and try and deal with my thoughts. Which has been rewarding. Also taught me what’s important.
  • Spending so much time with Rory and seeing his and teddy’s relationship grow.
  • Not using the car so much.

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