It’s Interview Time With The Live With Laura Ladies

Tell me a little bit about your lockdown world

Well, my partner works away half of the month, so half of the month is lovely and the other half is a home school/own business struggle but we are getting there!

Who are you locked down with in your household?

There is me, my two kids (who hate each other most of the time!) and my partner, when he is home from work. My mother in law (who lives on her own) has joined us as a support bubble now she’s had a vaccine.

How is this lockdown going compared to the last ones?

I was furloughed in the first one and the sun was shining, so it felt like a long staycation, BBQs, Pimms, Gin, swimming, it was glorious. This one is a struggle, The shorter, darker days, trying to run a business and home school is a struggle. The snow day provided a brief bit of fun but what we really need is some sunshine and less rain!

Describe your lockdown in 3 words

Struggle, stressed, neverending

How are you finding homeschooling/working this time?

It’s bloody hard! If I don’t work, no one is going to pay my invoices. I’m fighting to grow a new business but also trying to keep my kids from turning into a tablet! We aren’t teachers, we are mums and they don’t want to learn at home, they want their friends, the social interaction, their favourite teacher or TA. We aren’t a substitute and they know it.

What are your top tips for getting through the not so good days?

Whatever the weather, bundle them up and get some fresh air! Put the phone or laptop down and just stop. There is no point shouting your way through doing work or homeschool. Just take some time out, pop on a film and snuggle and finally, if all else fails, drink gin!

If you have some time out, how do you spend it?

So when my partner comes home, he’s pretty good at letting me escape for a few hours if I need it. I normally go wild swimming with my sister, a walk with a friend or for the extra special occasion, I go to the shop on my own!

How do you keep motivated with your exercise routine at home?

Well I’ve been a member of live with Laura since it began. Last year, I was doing 5 workouts a week and it was my saviour. Now I have to work and homeschool it’s tricky but I make an aim for each week and try to stick to it. We are all going to come out of this either 100lb heavier or lighter. I am desperately trying to not make it 100lb heavier!

What have you learnt about yourself during this lockdown?

I am not as patient as I thought! You can do anything if you put your mind to it and I will never become a teacher!

Could you share three top tips for getting through each week?

Stop watching the news briefings. You can catch up online when you are ready and if not, someone is bound to tell you! Stop looking at the daily figures, it’s just depressing and it won’t change anything so just keep following the rules and keep your head down. Set targets, so mine is to make it to half term and then when half term comes, it will be to make it to the 8th March and then – well we’ll see.

What are the first 3 things you will do when lockdown is lifted?

See my nieces, see my mum and eat out!

What are the three things you will miss about lockdown?

This time it is just one thing – nothing! Roll on spring and summer!

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