It’s Interview Time With One Of My Live With Laura Ladies

Lockdown is affecting us all, but it also affecting us differently. I sat down (virtually) with one of my Live with Laura ladies Alice to talk about her experience so far and how exercise is helping.

Tell me a little bit about your lockdown world.

The fear we felt in the early days has reduced, we have settled into a routine of work, school work and family time that I am going to struggle to relinquish….. Plus the alcohol and food on Tap….. I feel lucky when I hear about some other people’s experiences 💖

Who are you locked down with in your household?

My daughter Isla age 12, son Ollie age 11, husband Craig and Sully the 19 month old daft as a brush labrador!

Are you lockdown thriving or lockdown surviving?

It’s a difference of days but I would say largely thriving, thank goodness the weather has been so kind, someone is looking after us there.

Describe your lockdown experience in three words.

The great realisation!

Are you working from home or home schooling the children? If so how is it going for you?

I am fortunate enough to be able to work from home, although I am working extra hours due to the effect of covid 19 on everyone’s finances 😢 I have 2 kids requiring some form of schooling, one in his final year of primary and one in second year of secondary. Hubby is self employed so isn’t able to work at the minute so he is doing most of the child /house chores, not sure we can go back to normal he is so much better than me 😂

What are your top tips to get through the not so good days?

Personally exercise is key for me, getting outdoors with the family and making time for Lauras exercise sessions also remembering that we don’t have to have it all. (fully schooled kids/clean house) we just have to remain healthy… That’s all that matters at the minute 🤞

What are the things you do in lockdown to keep you happy and sane?

I do 2 sessions of laura’s exercise a day, those early days I found that I really needed something to stop my brain getting too worked up and we try and sit by the chiminea in the evening to chill out. keeping in contact with family and friends via WhatsApp video is really helping too!

How are you making Live with Laura work for you?

I start work at 7am log off around 9.20 to do my first laura exercise I like these as most of them are live which keeps me from stopping🤫 don’t tell Laura! I am usually finished around 4.30pm so do my second session before tea with the family.

Your lockdown recommendations:

  • Netflix – the cobbler & extraction, complete opposites but both good.
  • Movie- knives out or we’re the miller’s
  • Book- I have just finished the family upstairs by Lisa Jewell, happy to post to anyone who wants to try it 😉

What are the first 3 things you are going to do when lockdown is lifted?

1.I am going to turn into Ann from little Britain and rub by hand down everyone’s face that I have missed ‘ah ah ah’

  1. Invite everyone over for a super social braai (Bbq) ! 🔥
  2. Climb our next wainwright… Or 7!

What 3 things will you miss about lockdown?

  1. My family being within touching distance at all times.
  2. Being able to walk from my ‘office’ to my ‘laura’s studio’ to the shower and back to the ‘office’ within 45 minutes twice a day 😭
  3. The extra time I have – how did I ever fit everything in before? 🤔

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