Lockdown Diary

Week 11

With lockdown slowly lifting and now we are able to see close family, it has made a massive difference to us as a family.

Obviously we still have to social distance but just to spend time with faces we haven’t seen for nearly 3 months is an amazing feeling.

The weather is absolutely glorious and you couldn’t wish for better.

This week has been all about adventures and making memories with the boys.

We have been at the beach and the lake most days and it has been just fantastic to soak up the beauty that we live in.

It’s true what they say ‘the best things in life are free’. The boys are so happy just exploring outside and for us to be together as a family is so precious, a strange time that we won’t get back.

My eldest boy is returning to school in a couple of week. It’s been a tough decision as most parents will know but it’s the right one for us.

So I’m holding on to these days where we are all together just having fun with lots of love and laughter.

Have you made some memories this week? I would love to know your favourite thing to do when the weather’s like this

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